Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide To Unlocking The Game's Best Armor

Things are heating up as Horizon: Zero Dawn is blowing players out of their minds. As expected, the extensive graphics, gameplay and story of the game has players at the edge of their seats as they play the game. Meanwhile, the multiple difficulties of the game would prove to be challenging for players with different styles and capabilities, however with the proper protection, the game would be a little less difficult.

The Ancient Armory Quest

According to USGamer, to start the quest, players need go to Bunker, it is in the eastern side of the map in the middle of Mother's Embrace. The ruins marker can be found northwest of a vendor and southwest of a strider area. To gain access to the ruins, players need to climb to the very top where they will find a hole to jump down on, to a body of water. At this point, players need to swim forward until they see a suit of armor behind glass. At the right side there should be a lock mechanism that requires power cells, thus starting the Ancient Armory Quest.

Additionally, players would need to find five power cells in total to be able to get the armor. Also, power cells are marked as green pickups in the HUD and are usually found in ruins and bunkers.

Furthermore, it is revealed that the armor is called The Shield Weaver Outfit, and it is the strongest armor in the game as it has great resistance in all categories and that players only get damaged when the armor is in cool down, the only downside to it is that the armor can't be modified.

Power Cell Locations

In an article by VG247, the first power cell can only be accessed when Aloy is an adult. Players need to return to the ruins dungeon in Mother's Embrace and look for a doorway that is blocked by stalactites and stalagmites. After finding the area, players need to smash the stalactites and stalagmites to get through the doorway, where inside one of the rooms is a power cell.

The second power cell is at the All Mother Mountain, this can be done during or after the main quest Womb of the Mountain. When Aloy wakes up, search the chambers around the angled corridor and look for a locked door, to the left of it is a small opening that can be crawled through and at the end is the power cell.

The third power cell is located at Grave Hoard, where players need to first find a door with three locks, because the power cell is at the room after it. The fourth power cell is at the very top of the Pharaoh High Rise in Maker's End. At the 12th floor, players need to go up the vegetation at the side of the door and climb up the pillar, at the very top is the power cell.

The last power cell is in GAIA Prime, and can only be obtained during or after the Mountain That Fell Quest. Players need to go through the room where they viewed a hologram, then look for the zipline that leads back to the start, but do not take it, instead go outside towards the stairs and examine the ledges on the abyss side to find a climbing path and then head down. On the lower level, just follow the purple lights to get the power cell.

Once all five power cells have been collected, head back to the bunker in Mother's Embrace and place two power cells in the darkened dials to power the first hololock. Upon powering up, players need to set the dials so they match what is indicated on a nearby monitor, the lock needs to point up so the sequence necessary from left to right is up, right, down, left, then up again.

On the second room, place the remaining power cells, and set the dials so it matches the angles displayed nearby. The sequence from left to right is right, left, up, right, and then left again. Once done, the player would receive a treasure box containing the Shield Weaver Outfit.

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