'Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition' To Feature Duke Nukem

Bulletstorm was a game released by Epic Games and People Can Fly last 2011, whereupon release, it was warmly received by the gaming community but has failed to bring in profits for the companies involved. And despite being a commercial failure to both companies, players, fans, and critics were quick to defend the game, saying that its innovation in gameplay, storyline, and graphics sets Bulletstorm apart from the traditional FPS games circling around that time.

Remastered Version Of The Game

According to GameSpot, a slide for the Remastered version was released at last year's E3 convention, where it was shown that Bulletstorm will be receiving a multitude of upgrades to meet the current gaming standards.

Furthermore, during an awards event last December, a trailer for the game was released, revealing the new title of the game as Bulletstorm: Full Clip. It was also shown that the Remastered version has received immense upgrades in its features and would include a lot more content to be able to entice a larger audience.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip With Duke Nukem

GameRant further explains that in the trailer for Bulletstorm: Full Clip, Duke Nukem, an iconic character in the gaming world can be seen, in fact, be joining the team. It further states that players and fans can play as Duke himself all throughout the game in a new DLC. However, in order for players to get their hands on the Duke Nukem DLC, they would need to pre-order the game.

Aside from including Duke Nukem in the Remastered Version, Developers People Can Fly and Gearbox Publishing will be including some other features to make the game better than before.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip will include all the previously released content, A New Overkill Campaign which allows players to go through the game with virtual weapons and Skillshots, six new levels for the Echo Mode, Upgraded Visuals including 4K resolution, Exceptional Audio and Effects, and better Framerates.

Hopefully this time, the Remastered version would be better than before and would propel the company to greater heights. Furthermore, Bulletstorm: Full Clip will be released on April 7, 2017, on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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