World Of Warcraft: Will Blizzard Add Level Scaling In Older Contents?

One of the iconic features in Legion is the introduction of Level Scaling specifically in the Broken Isles where players can enjoy specific zones without the need to change their location as they progress through the storyline. This new feature was met positively by the fans especially for those that wanted to delve deeper into their respective content. With patch 7.2 nearing, many are already anticipating that this mechanic may be fully added into the game - including on the classic contents. But the truth of the matter is that; there may be some issues that may hold Blizzard back from adding this feature fully into the game.

World Of Warcraft: Level Scaling

Legion introduced one of the biggest changes in the game: the level scaling - which, game director Ion Hazzikostas refers to as "the true open world." With this feature, players will be able to move freely amongst the four zones in Broken Isles: Azsuna, Val'Shar'h, Highmountain and Stormheim. Each zone starts at level 100 and scales up to level 109. All of the gears, quests, and rewards will scale according to the player's level. This sounds pretty neat especially if one wishes to dig deeper through the lore of the specific zone. So the question is, why isn't it fully added into the game?

The Impact of Level Scaling in Classic Contents

Not everyone knows the existence and identity of the ghost child within the depths of the Icecrown Citadel nor is the purpose of the dragon slumbering within the cave of Ahn'Qiraj especially as they're hidden beneath countless quests within their respective zones. But with level scaling, players will be able to fully explore the specific zone without every worrying of overleveling and whatnot. Moreover, players can enjoy exploring hidden secrets in a zone just as what was mentioned above. Currently, this wouldn't be possible as most players would just complete a number of quests before moving onto another zone to continue with the leveling process.

When looking at this angle, level scaling is definitely a huge plus to the game but on the flipside, if Blizzard is going to add this feature permanently across all classic contents, then there's almost no other reasons for players to explore the entire content. Although players will enjoy their favorite zone, it somehow impedes the need for them to try out new ones. And it's safe to say that World of Warcraft has one of the best sceneries across all MMORPGs out there. If Blizzard somehow incorporates level scaling across the entire world, wouldn't it indirectly jeopardize the game?

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