Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Says Bastion Too Powerful, Plans To Nerf Hero

If there's one thing that's making a lot of noise within the Overwatch community, it's no other than Bastion. This character here has just recently received an update (a buff, in particular) from developer Blizzard. While there are some who find the changes totally okay, there are those who are having a hard time understanding it. To cut all the debate, Overwatch Director, Jeff Kaplan has shared his own thoughts and it's really quite interesting, so to speak.

According to PVPLive, a good number of Overwatch players are complaining on different social media sites about the changes the aforementioned hero received. In its most organic form, they believe that the studio has made the character a hard one to chew. That it's almost impossible to tackle, let alone kill him. This is, obviously, too far from what the video game company might have expected.

Apparently, though, someone from Blizzard isn't entirely happy. Or even if it's the other way around, he still can't undo the fact that most fans aren't satisfied with Bastion's buffs. This is no other than the game's director, Jeff Kaplan. In hopes to let the general public know about his views, Kaplan shared his two cents about the changes they made via the studio's official forum site.

First off, the said Overwatch director admitted being a Bastion man. Or, at least, that he played the hero every now and then. While he truly understands the clamor of the players, he can't seem to fathom the anxiety involved. That as if fans -- regardless of how good or bad an update is -- will always find a way or reason to be disappointed.

Kaplan, however, iterated that everything is part of his daily job in being the man for Overwatch. That this is all but significant to his work at Blizzard. The director explained that unfortunately, they were not able to make it right with the hero, hence, the complaints. Nonetheless, he promised to apply all the necessary adjustments and try hard to meet player expectations.

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