Rockstar Announces New Updates Coming To GTA 5, And They're A Handful

Despite the arrival of new titles, GTA 5 remains to be among the best in its niche. This only shows what a great developer and publisher Rockstar Games is. Many believe that the success of the latest installment from the titular franchise is due to constant and excellent contents. And yes, this is where the game is about to go once again.

According to GameSpot, the studio has revealed its plan to release a series of updates for the game. It will basically arrive on the online version of the title. All in all, there'll be 15 stunt races -- all of which are confirmed and official. In fact, these have been added to the game already.

The addition of the aforementioned GTA 5 updates were in celebration for Rockstar's Stunt Race Event this year. Here, players are in for a huge treat. That's because they'll have the chance to earn GTA$ as well RP. How exactly? Well, that's simply by playing any of the stunt races. But of course, in order for the treat to be possible, players will have to ensure that these stunt races have been created and verified by the studio.

Moreover, any players who plan to log-in to the game during the existence of the game will earn a cookie. That's because logging into the event is synonymous to acquiring a limited Pink Jock Cranley Stuntman Jumpsuit. However, it should be noted that the said event will only happen until March 13 (end date). So, it's really a good idea if players will start to take advantage of it already.

Furthermore, a new set of Adversary modes are expected to arrive in GTA 5 via the update. This will happen throughout the course of the Spring. Among the most talked about is called Resurrection. The latter is simply a homage to the old-school 2D GTA. It's called Top Down.

Rockstar has already informed the whole GTA 5 community about the existence of the update. Apart from that, for players who want to upgrade their current platform (either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3), it's worth noting that they only have 10 days to do so, as noted by Rockstar Newswire.

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