Google Assistant Is Available In More Android Devices Today

Last Sunday, Google has announced that the Google Assistant will be rolled out to Android handsets "this week." Now, the company has made another announcement and confirmed that the Google Assistant will be arriving today.

The Google Assistant Is Now Available

The Google Assistant will be made available to Android handsets that run on Android Marshmallow and Nougat only. Based on the recent news, it will be launched in the United States followed by Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Germany will have it as well, for the German speaker. There were also reports suggesting that the Android Wear 2 will also get the feature, and TVs and cars will follow.

Where To Get The Google Assistant

In case you're wondering on how to get the Google Assistant and if there will be some kind of "special tasks" needed in order to get it, there isn't any. Updating the Google Play Services will be the only step required and the Google Assistant will come to you. You can even disable the Google Assistant if you want to do so.

Capabilities Of The Google Assistant

According to an article at Tech Crunch, the Google Assistant was first unveiled at last year's Google I/O conference where it became a flagship feature on the Google Pixel phones. What makes it slightly more powerful is the fact that there is a lot of back-and-forth dialogue that users can do when interacting with the Google Assistant, something that makes it more human compared to some of the virtual assistants available today.

Just like any other virtual assistants, it is capable of various tasks. Simply summon it by saying, "OK Google," then followed by a command it will do kinds of stuff, like setting reminders, taking photos, assist with translations, operating smart home devices, and much more.

The Google Assistant has third-party integrations called "Actions" which is the company's version of Alexa skills. In Actions, it will connect the Google Assistant to a larger app ecosystem.

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