Amazon Could Be Working On A Voice-Activated Alexa Camera

There is a photo found by AFTVnews that depicts some sort of an easily positionable camera with a blue light circling the lens. While there are no confirmations yet, it may seem that Amazon could possibly be working on a voice-activated Alexa camera.

According to an article at The Verge, Amazon may be working on a home security camera in the same vein as Nest, Canary, Ring, Blink and other products as well. Aside from the photo depicting some sort of an easily positionable camera with a blue light circling the lens, the device itself has a white exterior design, the central camera is black and has a pivoting base. Outside the blue light circling the lens, there is a little circle on each side surrounding it at the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right.

But Is It A Voice-Activated Alexa Camera?

The thing is, reports are suggesting that it is hard to imagine that Amazon isn't working on new hardware for Alexa, given that how popular is the said assistant is right now. In fact, recent reports are predicting that the company's smart speaker category will see more the $2 billion in sales by 2020. So in a way, there could be a slight chance that the new photo product could actually be a voice-activated Alexa camera.

But What If It Isn't Really A Voice-Activated Alexa Camera?

If so, then the image could just probably be a prototype or a mockup that was inadvertently posted at the wrong place. Furthermore, some news sites are already trying to reach Amazon for a comment regarding this, but the company has yet to answer.

Another thing is that it is mentioned by several reports that AFTVnews has a decent track record, one specific record worth mentioning is that the first images of the Roku 4 came from them. However, what makes this hard to distinguish whether it is real or not, CNET notes that AFTVnews is not sharing as to where specifically did they found the image (though The Verge claims that the image is already on Amazon's site). But then again, reports can all speculate about this, especially with the blue ring which is very much Alexa-like until Amazon releases a statement regarding this matter.

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