New Apple Patent For iPad Reveals Apple Pencil Holder

The Apple iPad Pro was introduced along with its highlighted Apple Pencil. As of now, the Apple Pencil is considered as a spectacular stylus. However, despite its various and extensive control over different operations on the iPad Pro, many users are complaining regarding the difficulty it gives in carrying since it does not come with a holder. So today, Apple answers all complaints to solve this issue.

New Apple Patent Reveals Apple Pencil Holder For iPad

The new patent filing by Apple shows a looped holster for the home of the Apple Pencil which will be attached to the Smart Keyboard of an Apple iPad Pro. According to WCCFTech, there is also a tool which is like a spring clip combined with the Smart Cover of the iPad. However, since Apple files a lot of patents already, today's rumors does not necessarily mean that the product will be available anytime soon. As of now, we’re not exactly sure if Apple really plans to implement the rumored Apple Pencil holder in the upcoming modifications of the Smart Keyboard or Smart Cover.

New Apple Pencil Can Also Be Used In iPhone

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple's patent application also repeats the earlier references that were released to use the Apple Pencil can be used with “a smartphone or a tablet.” Could this possibly mean that Apple is planning to integrate the upcoming Apple Pencil support in the Apple iPhone? At this point in time, there are no solid statements or pieces of evidence that are available to support the suggestion. However, this is not the first time Apple, or even Tim Cook, has described the Apple Pencil being used with another Apple device such as the iPhone.

As of now, the Apple Pencil remains exclusive only to the Apple iPad Pro. Since we’re not completely familiar with the plans of the Cupertino company, it wouldn’t be crazy to expect something like this from Apple. However, Apple is said to introduce the second generation of Apple Pencil later this year. If ever, the new version of the stylus could be incorporated with support for other iPad models as well and let us cross fingers with the iPhone, too.


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