Nintendo Switch’s Weak Sales In 2017 Predicted By SuperData

The Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest topics in the web for quite some time now. Nearing its release, analyst firm SuperData predicts that the said gaming console may have a rough start regarding its sales on 2017.

According to an article at Forbes, SuperData estimates that in 2017, around 5 million Nintendo Switch units will be sold, specifically between March and December 31. The reason as to why the Nintendo Switch will have trouble in penetrating the market is because of the combined ~79 million install base of the PS4 and Xbox. In addition, the $300 price tag and the lack of strong gaming titles will be among the other factors as well.

Is A 5 Million Unit Sales In 10 Months A Rough Start?

The article then compared some of the old data of previous sales of gaming consoles after its launch. In the data, there are two categories, "sold" and "shipped." In regards to why there's a "shipped" category, the article mentioned that the data from the other previous gaming consoles used "shipped" instead of sold and could possibly mean something else.

For the "sold" category, the PlayStation 2 sold around 6.4 million units in the first 10 months after its launch. The PlayStation 4 sold 5.3 million units in three months after its launch.

For the "shipped" category, the Xbox One shipped 3.9 million units in two months after its launch and had a total of 10 million units shipped in 12 months. The Wii shipped 5.86 million units in 4.5 months after its launch. Lastly, the Wii U shipped 5.86 million units in 12.5 months after its launch.

Where To Buy The Nintendo Switch This Friday

In case you're interested in buying the Nintendo Switch, but didn't manage to secure a pre-order, here are a few options of where to buy the said device. However, getting it may include waiting in the cold.

Midnight Sale

For GameStop, it has numerous locations opening in both Maryland and Virginia. For Walmart, only the 24-hour Walmart Supercenters will start selling the Nintendo Switch at midnight. For Best Buy, the one near at Virginia's Springfield Town Center will open at midnight.

Friday Morning Sale

For this time of the day, GameStop, Walmart, and BestBuy along with its other branches that didn't have a midnight sale will be selling it. You can also try Target and Toys R Us.

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