Former WWE Champion Signs With TNA, New Regime Has Started

This is not the first time that a former WWE Champion have signed to its rival company, Total Nonstop Action. As seen today, Alberto Del Rio who goes by the name Alberto De Patron shocked TNA fans especially Bobby Lashley.

Del Rio And Its Success

Alberto Del Rio is known all over the world as a master tactician and a skilled wrestler. He might have traveled and competed all over the world but he will always be remembered for his stint in WWE. Del Rio is well respected by his peers due to his work ethic and love for the business. There’s a reason why every wrestling company wants him because he is a gem in the wrestling ring. Del Rio changed his named to Alberto De Patron due to legal issues.

Del Rio Parted With WWE

Del Rio was suspended by WWE for failing the Wellness Policy. At that time, he was having disputes with regards to his current status and not being pushed. Del Rio stated that the very reason why he came back to WWE for the second time is because he was promised for the main event push. But that didn’t happen and visibly he was furious about it. After the suspension, Del Rio asked for an immediate release and WWE approved it.

Del Rio Will Wrestle Under The Name Alberto De Patron For TNA

Total Nonstop Action or TNA somehow acts as a net for WWE superstars who are failing. Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, Ken Anderson, Bobby Lashley are just a few names who jump shipped to TNA when their career in WWE was at crossroads. However, Del Rio or De Patron’s case is a lot different. His career in WWE was not mediocre and there’s a possibility that he could even be inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame.

As for TNA, they are still having issues financially and creativity. They’ve been having disputes since last year and this year is a lot worst. TNA management is hoping that bringing a worldwide icon would eventually solve their problems.

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