Dave Chappelle's New Stand Up Gig Announced By Netflix, The King Is Back In His Throne

Ever since he left the critically acclaimed “Chappelle Show”, fans were wondering if they will ever see Dave Chappelle doing another series. Chappelle is widely considered as the greatest stand-up comedian because of his unique style and humor.

Chappelle Is Back For Good

David Khari "Dave" Webber Chappelle is the King Of Stand Up Comedy. To this day, he still holds the record for the most DVD sales for stand up comedy. His block party is still rank as the best gig for a concert and a comedy show. And who could forget his “Chappelle Show”, the series was so massive that Comedy Central offered him $50 Million. The achievements and accolades that Dave Chappelle received are second to none.

Sorry, Comedy Central

Chappelle quitted the show due to some issues with Comedy Central. Everybody wants to know the real deal between him and the network which he answered truthfully like he always does. Kevin Hart told everybody during his interview that Dave Chappelle is the beast and cannot be copied. Chris Rock also stated that Dave Chappelle is the only person who gives a little fear in his heart. His praise from other artist is never ending and he shocked everybody when he opened up for SNL. After the show, it was reported that SNL had one of their best ratings in history thanks to Dave Chappelle’s guesting.

Three weeks after, Netflix offered Dave Chappelle an enormous amount of money to do a new show with them. Chappelle agreed and started working with Netflix. Most of the skits are already finished and his specials will be released later this month. The show hasn't started yet but it was reported that a lot of subscribers and fans are already waiting for his show since it was announced. Remember when he released “Killin Them Softly” and “For What It’s Worth”? he might break those record in his new series.

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