‘Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller's Final Sentence Moved To May 8th; Five Years In Jail Still A Possibility

The saga of the beloved “Dance Moms” Abby Lee Miller is far from over. Her final hearing should be done last February 24 but it was moved due to Abby being out of the country.

Abby Lee Miller Fraud Case

Arguably a cultural icon when it comes to dancing, Abby Lee Miller is still facing her past mistakes. She already pledged guilty to the fraud that she committed years ago but to this day, the verdict is not yet given. There are numerous reports about her paying a huge amount and will only serve two weeks in jail but that was debunked by the court. Apparently, she has one more hearing to attend and this could be the focal point of her career.

Last January 20, the District Attorney who is handling her case stated that Abby Lee Miller should face jail time. The owner and founder of Abby Lee Dance Company were defiant with regards to the initial verdict that the US District Attorney has provided. She stated that she intended no harm and she was just swamped with the show's success. However, the district attorney says otherwise and provided detailed information on why she should pay up to $5 Million and could be spending 5 years in jail.

“Dance Moms” Season 8 Update

“Dance Moms” Season 8 is already in the works but there’s no guarantee that Abby Lee Miller will be present in the show. Fans have already some idea on who will replace and spearhead the reality TV series if she’ll be in jail. But, the cast and crew also know that replacing Abby Lee Miller is a bigger challenge than creating Season 8.

Currently, Abby Lee Miller is in Mexico touring and at the same time promoting her show. She already stated before in an interview that she is ready on what the verdict will be and if it means going to jail, she’ll just treat it like a vacation.

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