Google Home: Everything We Need To Know

Google Home is one of the hottest revolutionary devices this year. Because of it being a very new kind of device for households, it still needs to undergo a series of modifications and updates to make it function better.

New Update To Improve The Google Home

And Google does just that. On March 2, a new update on the device has just been rolled out. The update is all about bringing into reality the most requested feature for the device.

Now, the Google Home can check the alarms and timers that are set on it. According to Android Police, Google is also developing a multi-user support.

There are also reports that it may also include an individual voice recognition feature. Critics say that Google Home should have already incorporated the feature that the new update is said to deliver from the very beginning.

Nonetheless, it has already been rolled out in hopes of improving the device's marketability. Thanks to the update, Google Homeowners can now check the current alarms and timers that are running.

The volume level can also be modified and can be checked from time to time, making it a more user-friendly smart device. Until now, if you've ever found yourself wondering how much time is left on your Google Home timer (or which alarms you might currently have set), you had to ask your device using a voice query.

Smart Revolution Is Happening

According to 9to5Google, the new feature included in the update will surely make it easier for users to see the alarms and timers in a single glance. The Google Home is a voice-activated speaker that has a smart voice-recognition feature that enables individuals to easily command various tasks to it.

Uttered voice requests are quickly picked up and followed by the speaker. It can automatically play various videos and music, answer any questions.

The Google Home is also capable of picking up voice from afar, making it convenient for homeowners want a smart and autonomous feeling in their homes.

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