Google Assistant Rolled Out, Might Take Weeks To Hit Android Phones

Though Google has announced that the Google Assistant has been officially rolled out, it may take a few weeks to reach your device. Also, handsets running on Android Marshmallow may have to face a minor problem.

The Google Assistant's Journey

Earlier this week, Google announced that the Google Assistant will be coming to handsets running on Android Marshmallow and Nougat. It will first come to the U.S. followed by other English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, and the UK. Germany will also have it as well, for its German speakers.

However, the company did not specify what date but just said "this week." The company also did mention that more languages will be added over the coming year. In addition, it was even reported by Tech Times that Google has assured that there will be no need to update the handsets to receive it, as it will be functional with Google Play Services installed once available.

Thursday came and Google made it official during the final day of the 2017 Mobile World Congress event that Google Assistant has been officially rolled out and people were expecting it to come that day or the following day. It was also reported that those handsets running on Android Marshmallow and Nougat will have to update the Google Play Services, and the Google Assistant will come to them.

Now, according to an article at Search Engine Land, despite after a day of waiting, there was no sign of the Google Assistant. Though the Google Assistant will eventually come, the company said that it might take a few weeks to reach the said devices.

The Handsets Running On Android Marshmallow

The handsets running on Android Marshmallow may have to face an issue. Apparently, the handsets running on Android Marshmallow must be updated to Android 6.13 Marshmallow (Android Nougat handsets will have no problems in getting it).

The Other "Requirements" For The Google Assistant

First of all, both the Android Marshmallow and Nougat handsets must have a least 1.5 GB of memory. Second, the said handsets must also have a 720p or a higher screen resolution.

The reason as to why these are required is because the Google Assistant itself is not an app that you can just download, it is part of the Android OS, much as Siri is part of iOS. So, if Google decides that your handset can handle the Google Assistant, then your device will have it as part of an Android OS update. However, if that does not happen, you can try Google Assistant by using Google's Allo app.

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