Xbox Exec Talks About Going Portable, Praises Nintendo Switch For Its Innovation

The Nintendo Switch has officially been launched and the console is impressing more than just the everyday gamer, as even Xbox exec Phil Spencer has commended the device. Moreover, he admitted that the company has its eyes on the new console so that it can determine whether or not portable gaming is something to consider.

In an interview with IGN, Spencer discussed the Switch and admitted that Xbox has a great relationship with Nintendo. As for the upcoming console, he said that the company had "done some really innovative work." He then went on to praise the hardware design and even admitted that whenever the Japanese gaming company provides new material to the market, it provides a wonderful gaming experience for all players involved.

Despite his praises, though, there has been no confirmation regarding a portable Xbox console. However, Spencer admitted that the company is always watching the market to see what happens and that Microsoft has noted that mobile devices are ruling the market. He even shared that a large group of its consumers log into Xbox Live with their smartphones to connect with friends and play games.

Nevertheless, he still did not confirm whether or not Xbox would be releasing its own handheld. He did, however, admit that he will keep watching the market to stay up-to-date with the recent developments. "People want to play their games whether they are," he shared.

As Den Of Geek has pointed out, Spencer's statements are definitely not an indication that a portable Xbox console is under production, but it does indicate a possibility. The publication even argued that the success of the Nintendo Switch might be just what Xbox needs in order to take the risk. More details might be coming soon as the Switch has already been released and is the hands of its consumer base. Whether or not the innovative console will be positively received will be determined soon.

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