Nintendo Switch Update: Here's How To Play Personal Digital Games On A Friend's Console

The Nintendo Switch will allow fans to play their digital games on other units under certain conditions. This involves having to deactivate one's personal Nintendo account on their personal unit.

Nintendo Switch Allows Players To Switch Their Accounts

According to GameSpot, Nintendo recently revealed its digital game policy for their newly-released hybrid console. In line with this, multiple accounts can access their digital library on various systems. Keep in mind that digital purchases as now tied to Nintendo Accounts but only one active Switch console can play them.

Because of this, having to play personal digital games on a different console requires another extra step but Nintendo stated that it is far from tedious. All fans will need to do is deactivate their current console and use their Nintendo Account to access the eShop on a different Switch. Then on, that specific unit will be the "active Switch" with all previously bought digital games available for download.

If players want to go back to their previous unit, all they would need to do is deactivate their account from their current unit. Moreover, Nintendo assures that players can access their personal account funds when buying something from the eShop. Although, it is worth noting that save files cannot be transferred between devices meaning players cannot start from where they left off in their game.

Save Data Still Tied To Certain Systems

Moreover, Polygon reports that the hybrid console still lacks cloud storage, which makes migration abilities a little less useful. Incidentally, players can only deactivate their account personally and not remotely. If ever a Switch gets stolen or lost, players will have to contact Nintendo regarding their account.

It is still unsure to what Nintendo plans on doing in the future regarding save data. Nonetheless, this specific process seems to be a step towards the right directions. Fans can purchase their own Nintendo Switch now along with other launch titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I Am Setsuna.

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