NBA News: Joel Embiid’s Injury Good For The Philadelphia 76ers? NBA Teams Seek To Change Rules Benefitting The Cleveland Cavaliers?

Current NBA news says that the Philadelphia 76ers will not be able to use the services of Joel Embiid for the rest of the season. But it appears that this could be a blessing in disguise to the Sixers for a number of reasons. The Knee injury suffered by the big man could turn out for their good after all.

Not Having The Services Of Embiid Will Benefit The Sixers?

All the possible solutions that Sixers could think of for Embiid seem to have been overtaken by the enormity of the problems. According to Bryan Colangelo, the team's president, their main goal now is to protect Embiid's long-term health. He added that they are focused on his future as far as being a professional basketball player is concerned.

Recent NBA news said this will give the Sixers the not-readily-seen benefits. They will be able to develop a good trade deal scenario for the sidelined center and align their plans in relation to the future of the team. Developing a good trade market for Embiid is the best thing that the Sixers can busy themselves with now.

Change The Rules So That It Will Be Fair To All

In a separate note, some NBA news said that other teams believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers benefitted the most in the recently concluded trade deadline even they did nothing. As a result, they want the rules changed so that trading players from one team to another will be fair to all. According to these teams, the Cavs just waited while others are busy arranging trade deals.

They got two veteran players, Andrew Bogut and Deron Williams who can contribute greatly to their goal of reaching the finals. According to recent NBA news from Zach Lowe of ESPN, some NBA teams have offered a number of solutions to this seeming problem. One of these rules is the one that refers to a player who goes unclaimed after he waives his contract with his current team. One solution they have thought of is to move up the deadline for playoff eligibility in order for it to come before the trade deadline.

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