Tesla Named As America’s Best Automaker

For the longest time, automakers such as Ford and General Motors have dominated the U.S. auto market. Now, things are different as Tesla has been named as the new "America's Best Automaker". With a new ruler comes a new era as Tesla makes Electric Vehicles (EV) the new mainstream models in the market.

Tesla's Climb To The Top

According to a report, Consumer Reports have been saying interesting things about Tesla in the past couple of years. It was mentioned that Tesla's Model S has been reported as the best car the review magazine has ever tested that it even scored 103 over 100 in the rating system. However, Tesla's Model S has also received negative comments after it scored low in a reliability survey. Shortly after the negative comments, Tesla has once again returned to the spotlight by improving its score in the reliability tests conducted late last year.

Tesla, The New Best Automaker In America

According to Fortune, Tesla has been named as the "Best American Auto Brand" this year. Given this fact, it begs the question of what is next for Tesla? The same report stated that Tesla's next challenge is for the automaker to hold on to its position. Tesla will have to focus on safety, reliability, road test, and owner satisfaction in order to do this.

What To Look Forward To From Tesla

Reports stated that the Model 3 is one of the most anticipated products from Tesla. The Tesla Model 3 is expected to enter production later this year and will have a price tag of $35,000 when it arrives. Other details and specifications for the Tesla Model 3 are expected to be announced as its launch date draws closer.

For now, consumers that are in the market for EVs can expect Tesla to satisfy their needs. Thanks to Tesla, EVs have become one of the mainstream vehicle models in the market and it is expected that EVs will only gain more traction from here onwards.

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