'No Game No Life: Zero' Movie Announces 2017 Premiere With New Teaser, Key Visuals

The gamer couple, Sora, and Shiro are debuting in theaters this year. The new "No Game No Life" movie "No Game No Life: Zero" announced a 2017 premiere. The series website also revealed returning cast members and staff as well as a new teaser and key visual

The main cast returning for the movie include Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Sora, Ai Kayano as Shiro and Yōko Hikasa as Stephanie Dora. Other returning casts also include Yukari Tamura as Jibril, Yuka Iguchi as Clammy Zell, Rie Kugimiya as Tet, Mamiko Noto as Feel Nilvalen and Miyuki Sawashiro as Izuna Hatsuse, cited Anime News Network.

The majority of the staff are also returning for the anime movie. Atsuko Ishizuka is set to direct the film at the madhouse. Jukki Hanada is in charge or series composition while Satoshi Tasaki will do the character designs. Super Sweep is also returning for the music scores.

"No Game No Life" follows the story of Sora and Shiro, step-siblings who are shut-in gamers. They have become an urban legend in the gaming world, winning all games and setting scores far too high than other gamers. They always leave their in-game names blank and thus they are dubbed as "blank." The two have extreme brother and sister complex. Living in their own little world they became agoraphobic and hikikomori. They suffer extreme panic attacks when they are separated from each other or encounter big crowds.

One day, they receive a mysterious game invitation and defeated the god of games, Tet. They are then transferred to a game where everything is decided by games. Arriving in Elkia, a nation of humans -- the weakest race with no magical powers -- they participated in the game to be its next ruler. Their next goal? To unify all nations and challenge Tet.

A 12-episode anime series adapting the first three volumes of the original light novel aired on 2014. "No Game No Life: Zero" will adapt the sixth volume of the novel. It follows a story narrated by Tet on how an Imanity, Riku with the help of an ex-machina, Shuvi ended the Great War.

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