First Smartphone Laser Tag Makes Mobile Gaming More Interactive

By Victor Thomson , Mar 06, 2017 03:20 AM EST

A new laser tag attachment for smartphones will soon enter production phase. The device has been crowd-funded last year, on the Indiegogo platform.

Smartphone Laser Tag Attachment

Playing laser tag is fun, but usually, requests that you get are specialized equipment and go to a special venue. However, thanks to a new innovative hardware called the Proxy49's Inceptor, you don't have to anymore. Without the need for a plastic toy gun attachment, a game called combined with a smartphone accessory essentially changes any handset into a mobile laser tag machine.

The device is just now heading into production but was crowd-funded last year. According to its crowd-funding page on Indiegogo, the Inceptor features a battery, an infrared receiver, and transmitter plus a slew of different sensors with low latency. It also comes with a LED to allow users know whose team you're on.

Inceptor Laser Tag's Features

The Inceptor's application essentially uses the smartphone's camera in order to help users see the world around them. Graphics like how many points you've scored and target crosshairs are then overlaid in augmented reality, like in the popular Pokemon Go game. The app is still in the beta phase, but potentially the Inceptor could be also used with other games.

The gadget is the first ever portable, connected smartphone hardware created especially for gaming. The professional outdoor laser tag equipment has been reduced to the size of a keychain. Users just have to simply attach the Inceptor to their smartphone and start shooting.

The augmented reality app that comes with the Inceptor allows users to actually "see" their target in real life and fire at him or her. The gadget works up to 50 meters away. It comes with a precise and well-collimated hitbox.

The innovative mobile gaming accessory has already been tested with hundreds of gamers and pro-gamers at GDC 2017, in San Francisco. According to Engadget, the Inceptor can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo for $50 for a 2-pack. Later this year, the gadget will be available from Brookstone for $30 each.

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