UAE Could Implement Import Ban On Drones

UAE's General Civil Aviation Authority could soon implement more drone limits in the country. Recent reports suggest that the agency is currently working on a new set of drone standards to better control drone operations. With that, the import of unmanned aerial vehicles that don't meet the country's standards could also be blocked.

UAE To Set Up New Drone Standards 

The director General of the GCAA said that they are teaming up with the Emirates Authority and Metrology to come up with drone standards in such a way that the UAVs' range is minimized and their functions are controlled. The director also said that they are likewise talking with Customs to stop importing drones that do not meet the GCAA's standards. Nevertheless, there are still no details as to when the new set of drone standards will be revealed.

Dubai's Experience With Irresponsible Drone Operators

Dubai has gone through some major losses last year when the Dubai International Airport had to be shut down for more than one hour. Apparently, an inbound plane spotted a drone flying within the area of the airport. Millions worth of money was lost due to the shutdown and it also caused a chain of flight delays.

UAE Won't Use Geofencing Technology In Drones Yet

Dubai Airports CEO did moot the idea of geofencing drones that are sold or operated in the country. However, the GCAA director ruled out the use of said technology, saying that the agency is studying how geofencing could affect the regular aviation activities. The executive says that they are still unsure as to how the technology could work as it could also affect the systems of the airplanes.

Current UAE Drone Regulations

As per Arabian Business, drone flyers in the UAE have to pay certain amounts per year in fees. Commercial operators are required to pay AED 50,000 which translates to $13,624. Non-commercial operators, on the other hand, should pay AED 4,063 or $1,107 converted. Moreover, the country has also set a penalty for people who would fly a drone in prohibited areas. Three years jail time or AED 100,000 ($27,000) is given as a penalty to people who would operate drones at the Dubai International Airport and other restricted areas like the Al Minhad airbase, Al Maktoum Airport, and Palm Jumeirah.


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