Upcoming Alexa Devices Rumored To Offer Voice Calls

On Friday, Mar. 3, it was discovered that Amazon is planning to release two new devices. It is rumored that these new devices will allow users make phone calls.

Alexa New Devices Rumored To Make Calls

According to Android Headlines, the new devices will not only allow users to make phone calls but also talk to other users of Alexa powered devices just like talking to others using an intercom system. This move is part of Amazon's strategy of keeping people engaged with these smart devices after the novelty wears off.

The use of Amazon Echo for music streaming and weather updates is popular nowadays, but many of other Alexa voice apps are having trouble gaining traction. For this reason, communication features could become potential killer apps for voice devices. Intercom-like functionality and phone calls will be a start.

According to Quartz, Alexa was first sold inside the $180 Amazon Echo wireless streaming and speaker device. By speaking to Alexa, the smart gadget can control a wide array of Internet of Things devices and services. Intercom features and phone calls could be at this point the thing that prevents Alexa devices from becoming just another decoration and lifts them to their full potential.

Previous Rumors About Alexa's Ability To Make Calls

Alexa is also available in Amazon's newer Fire tablets, a Bluetooth speaker called the Amazon Tap and Fire TV streaming devices. The ability to make regular phone calls using Alexa was previously speculated by several reports. It was rumored that that Amazon is exploring building a version of the Echo that has a screen, in order to facilitate hands-free video calls.

Amazon also recently led a Series A investment in a startup called Nucleus, specialized in building video intercoms. These video intercoms could be connected up to Alexa. The hardware is in beta testing internally, but there are still a lot of unknown details.

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