HomeCanvasr Co-Founder Steven Szczur On How The Website Will Improve Real Estate (Interview)

HomeCanvasr is a brand new website that could make your next home-buying experience significantly less painful. The website, expected to launch sometime later this summer, was founded by Steven Szczur and Jure Miletic. Szczur spent three years in real estate in northern New Jersey before HomeCanvasr came to be.

“I began thinking there has to be a better way for buyers to advertise themselves,” he said, and that is exactly what he aims HomeCanvasr to be.

The company’s slogan reads, “Search Beyond the Listings,” and users will be able to do just that. Through the website, buyers will be able to specify their dream home features and find the best match within the town of their choice. 

This also means that homeowners have direct access to data that shows how many buyers are in their area and what exactly they are looking for. 

“We’re trying to flip the market,” Szczur said. “We’re trying to build a site where you can advertise as a buyer anonymously.”

But according to Szczur, buyers are not the only ones who will benefit from HomeCanvasr. The jobs of real estate agents and homeowners will be made easier and more efficient as well.

“There is no way for homeowners to gauge the market right now,” he said. “You don’t know what buyers are looking for in your town.”

If HomeCanvasr makes the home-buying process much easier and faster, agents can save time and double or triple their business, Szczur said.

The website allows users to enter a desired location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, taxes, price range and other specific features such as outdoor pools or attached garages. Then the information you put in gets pushed out through Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites to reach the largest audience possible.

Homeowners can then log in to the site, build their profile, and see who is looking.

The HomeCanvasr beta is expected to launch in the next two months. If the beta goes well, the plan is to partner with a real estate company and have a live launch in New York City possibly as early as July.

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