Nintendo Switch vs Wii U: Zelda Breath Of The Wild Direct Comparison

Similar to the Twilight Princess that came prior to it, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a multi-platform Nintendo-specific release. This makes it available on both Wii U and the newly released Nintendo Switch. This is the reason why most gamers are possibly wondering whether there will be any major differences between the two versions of Zelda. Specifically, the difference between the Wii U version and the Switch version.

As what can be expected, there were some notable differences between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on how it looks on Wii U as compared to the Switch version. Although it is not that obvious. The Switch version have the ability to run better, however, there were also aspects where the Wii U version can perform better than the Switch.

Tests say that both games can be capped at 30 fps. Both of them appear to be possessing a hard lock of 20 fps any time the game's performance will drop. On the contrary, the Switch has struggles sometimes in some areas that the Wii U have performed well. The same is also the case where the Wii U is struggling, the Switch works just fine, according to Game Rant.

This is an interesting challenge, but the explanation could likely be more complicated as compared to what any gamer could experience, according to Express UK. Basically, it looks as if Nintendo was able to optimize the Switch version of the game and they made a separate optimization for the Wii U as well. They seemed to have also highlighted some of the areas on only one platform, which could emphasize different areas on the other.

As a whole, the image on the Switch version is sharper and clearer because of an increase of pixel density by 50 percent. It was emphasized that none on any of its version possesses a particularly impressive anti-aliasing although it showed that the Switch version can give greater detail.


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