'Sister Wives' Original Wife Already Left Her Polygamous Lifestyle; Kody Brown Distant From Other Three Wives?

Another rumor about the Brown family talks about seeing one of the Sister Wives leaving Kody very soon. The original wife, Meri Brown, is the headline of new speculations claiming that she has been away from home for some time now. Rumors became prolific when Meri reportedly missed Janelle's business opening in February.

Talks about Meri Brown leaving her family have once again surfaced. After the current legal wife of Kody has been rumored to divorce him, it seems that Meri has taken action long before Robyn would. Meri is reportedly missing from the scene when Janelle opened a health business, Strive with Janelle, on Feb. 25 where Kody, Christine, and Robyn were all present. Her absence then sparked countless rumors where an alleged insider shared details about the Browns.

"Meri is a bit removed from the rest of the family," the insider shared with InTouch Weekly. The source said that Meri has been away from the family and has been living separately from the Browns. However, it seems that Meri is not the only one keeping herself distant from the rest of the family as sources who witnessed the business opening said that Kody did not have a great time at the event. A buzz also claims that the patriarch has been walking away from the Sister Wives the whole time and has been looking distracted.

Speculations have then been feeding on these reports, theorizing that the Brown family is already falling apart. Previously, before "Sister Wives" season 8 premiered, rumors were rampant that all four wives are planning to leave Kody. The head of the family has been rumored to take a fifth wife and that he is suffering from bankruptcy. Meri and Christine have then started their own businesses which made the talks seemed more convincing. In the tell-all special of the previous "Sister Wives" installment, the family debunked the talks confirming that they are financially fine.

Meri and Kody's relationship though has been on the rocks, and viewers of the TLC show has witnessed their marriage go down. Meri seemed to be consumed by the catfishing scandal that she has been involved in, leading her relationship with Kody down the drain. Meri confessed her feelings towards her husband saying that she does not seem to trust Kody anymore. However, Meri has not confirmed about the new romance she is being speculated with.

Likewise, Robyn has been recently rumored to divorce Kody because of allegedly mistreating her and for wanting to marry another wife. There are also talks saying that she is leaving with her kids to return and live in Utah. The status of Christine and Janelle's relationship with Kody though has been off the radar these days although they too have been rumored last year to separate with their husband. So far, the "Sister Wives" stars are keeping mum about the issues, but fans might see some updates when the series returns on TLC.

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