Overwatch New Hero Orisa Is A Reinhardt Alternative, Blizzard Says

Many have really thought that the next Overwatch hero is no other than Doomfist. After all, the man believed to voice the character -- actor Terry Crews that is -- was part of the hype. So, in a sense, it's where Blizzard should be going. Well, not really. That's because a different one was introduced. It's no other than Orisa. And this is what the studio has to say about it.

According to Kotaku, the aforementioned hero is some sort of quadrupedal robot -- only with horns. In its most organic form, it's a tank. It offers a stationary shield, which has a life span that is half of Reinhardt's. In offense, she's a bit deadly (though she moves slowly when firing projectiles). Her ultimate, in particular, is quite similar to Mercy's attack boost. The only difference? Well, it can buff all the members of the team once deployed.

It's been said that Overwatch developer Blizzard has faced a great number of challenges in developing Orisa. One known fact is that this hero was created based from a certain game design. This information was revealed by the studio's very own lead writer named Michael Chu. He discussed the character's birth and conception during the video game company's GDC session.

Chu iterated that the new hero is simply "an alternative to Reinhardt." They wanted to come up with a character that they can call "an anchor tank." And lo and behold, this is exactly what the character offers as mentioned above. As for the art side of things, the developers wanted to push their boundaries. That they want to go beyond what a usual hero of the title will look like. In short, they've explored massively.

Contrary to popular belief, the aforesaid Overwatch hero is not a story conception, as noted by Express. In the game as well as its lore, the character is said to be learning how a hero must be. As of this writing, it's already been made available to the game's PTR (Public Test Realm). However, there's no exact release date of it yet.

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