Nintendo Switch Hidden Features Point To A Successful VR Future

By Karla Pike , Mar 06, 2017 03:28 AM EST

Although the Nintendo Switch's 720p display isn't one of its most defining features, the console does have a complex personality. Nintendo once again has revolutionized the gaming experience by creating a portable handheld device that can do almost anything. The Switch does have secret features that at first, doesn't make any sense why they're there but game theorist MatPat says Nintendo could be looking into VR for the console's future.

Nintendo's Secret Plans For The Switch

According to the video from the Game Theorist channel, Nintendo has a secret strategy for the Switch that would give player unique experiences that no other console will be able to offer through Virtual Reality. Although VR is offered by other companies, they sell VR headsets individually while Nintendo could offer the console of the future. This VR headset could be much like the ones offered by Google where the Switch can be slotted in.

This theory is based on the fact that the Nintendo Switch have features that point toward this direction. One of them is the JoyCons, that although have the same purpose as the Wii Remote, have gyroscopes built into them to do sophisticated rumble that could be felt by the player in striking detail. The game's tech demo 1-2 Switch, for example, features a mini-game that asks the player to guess how many balls are inside the box, with the boxes being the JoyCons themselves.

MatPat says he wondered what is the point of this feature from a gaming perspective and found that the future of Nintendo Switch could require more use of the JoyCons but as handheld devices similar to the HTC Vive when connected to the VR. His theory is further supported by a statement made by Tatsumi Kimishima, President of Nintendo, that they are studying "adding" virtual reality to the Nintendo Switch.

Augmented Reality With VR Gear

Not only that, Nintendo has also secured a headgear patent where the Nintendo Switch can slot into to become a virtual reality headset. But Nintendo isn't the type to go with the "flow" and would rather set the trend themselves so MatPat thinks Nintendo is focusing on Augmented Reality instead. This is brought on by certain factors, mainly the Nintendo Switch's infrared camera, its portability; augmented reality needs less hardware to work, and Pokemon GO's overwhelming success.

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