Vinyl Skins Or Wraps Can Damage The Nintendo Switch; What Are The Alternatives?

Vinyl skins and stickers to customize consoles have always been a popular way of customizing PlayStations and Xboxes right down to their controllers. And lots of players just love to customize theirs. Bad news for Nintendo Switch users though as dbrand, a manufacturer of skins for a variety of tech like phones, laptops, and video game consoles made a public service announcement for users to don't put skins on their new Nintendo Switch.

Adhesive Can Damage The Nintendo Switch

The company dbrand explained through Reddit and Twitter that after receiving the Nintendo Switch, they went straight to prototyping. Problems appeared when they removed the skin to see the coating on the console ruined. They announced later that under no circumstances should anyone buy a vinyl skin or wrap for the Nintendo Switch.

They said that the coating on the JoyCons and the console itself were cured in a way that doesn't play well with adhesive. Although Nintendo advised them that the unit they had in hand was not the final build, they assumed Nintendo was pertaining to the software rather than hardware. Dbrand purchased ten new units straight from the store to prototype and found that the Nintendo Switch is not compatible with vinyl wraps or adhesives of any kind.

Dbrand expressed their disappointment about the situation as they'll be ceasing the production of skins for the Nintendo Switch. Customers who pre-ordered Switch skins will be refunded in full. Many thanked dbrand for posting the PSA because clearly, they cared more about the people than making tons of money.

Customization Alternatives For The Nintendo Switch

Many think this defect is irrelevant if users aren't planning on changing the skin for their Nintendo Switch. Most, however, still think taking care of their beloved units take priority above all others. Although skins were meant to protect the surface of the Nintendo Switch as well as decorative purposes, there are alternatives for personalizing the console. Currently available are Gel Guards and cases that will keep the Nintendo Switch protected and damage-free.

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