Outlast 2 Releases Next Month, Physical Collection Coming Soon

The highly-anticipated Outlast 2 finally has a release date and fans will be able to get their hands on a copy much sooner than expected. Similarly, there will also be a physical collection that will be releasing around the same time as well.

Outlast 2 Is Ready To Scare Players

The survival horror game enticed many thrill seekers back during its initial release in 2013 before terrorizing console players a few months later. Critics praised its terrifying ambiance, gruesome enemies and intense difficulty with developers Red Barrels eventually releasing a spin-off story for the main game. Just like its predecessor, the Whistleblower downloadable content (DLC) included just as much scares while providing a new experience and completing the full story of the first installment.

Now, Engadget reported that its sequel has finally gotten a release date of April 25. Keep note that the title is still not available for pre-purchase on GOG or Steam but the developers have already announced that it will launch at $29.99. In line with this, they have yet to reveal any plans about releasing future DLC for the game.

Physical Collection Coming To Consoles

That aside, Red Barrels announced that they will be releasing a physical disk called the Outlast Trinity, which contains the first game, its DLC and the upcoming sequel. However, it is worth noting that this will not be available for the PC version but only for the PS4 and Xbox One, as per PC Gamer. As for the price, this disc-based collection will cost $39.99 and seems to be a good deal for those who are looking into the series.

In Outlast 2, players will play as a husband and wife team, Lynn and Blake Langermann, who are a pair investigative journalists. Their dangerous case has led them to a dark part of the Northern Arizona desert where they come face-to-face with what seems to be an evil cult. The developers claimed that they are focusing more on psychological horror this time and hope that players will find the vast open space much more unsettling than the first game.

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