Series Producer Explains How 'Resident Evil 7' Went Back To Traditional Horror

Since its return to horror, "Resident Evil 7" has shocked many fans with its creepy atmosphere and gory visuals. Now, the producer for the game reveals the secret to how production made the game as scary as it is.

"Resident Evil 7" Camera Changes Promote Horror

According to Kotaku, series producer Masachika Kawata revealed how Capcom decided to bring the series back to its roots from its action-oriented direction. He explained that one major factor in bringing back the horror was changing the camera to a first-person perspective. That way, players would not feel like a spectator but someone who was actually interacting in the game.

The Creative Use of Space and Sound

Kawata claimed that bringing people "closer" to this type of horror would make everything feel more personal. Similarly, the various creatures in the game often feel like they are invading the protagonist's space. Even major injuries like getting hands or fingers chopped off feel much more alarming because of the change in perspective.

Fittingly enough, the producer claimed that they even took inspiration from previous locations in the franchise like the Spencer Mansion from the extra content in "Resident Evil 5." The game is all about the proper spacing and the subtle sound effects like tight hallways and creaking floorboards. Katawa claimed that they wanted to go back to a somewhat "intimate" experience instead of including large open spaces like the castle in "Resident Evil 4."

Taking Tips From Real-Life Horror

Furthermore, the team added their own abstract concepts of fear into the game. Personally speaking, Katawa stated that he fears the idea of complete loss of communication. Players can see how this was incorporated into the latest installment as those who entered the Baker household soon found themselves isolated even after discovering several allies.

On a different note, Kawata also explains how the characters in the game have such nice teeth, as per another Kotaku report. The team used a method called photogrammetry which 3D scans real models to create photorealistic effects. In line with this, it just so happens that the actors have a nice set of teeth, hence the dirty Baker family's impressive dental hygiene.

"Resident Evil 7" was a surprising yet welcome change to the series following the previous action games. With this in mind, it might seem as though Capcom will continue towards this certain path in the franchise. Fans can now play the horror game on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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