NieR Automata News And Update: Top 3 Thrilling Features Players Should Know

NieR: Automata has received a high praise and hype outside 2B despite being a niche title. The brand new game from Yoko Taro offers several features to keep players engaged after completing the game. Apparently, players will also have a chance to gain access to 9S and A2 after playing 2B for the whole duration of the game.

According to The Bitbag, NieR: Automata offers many exciting features. Here are the top 3 that made it to the list. First is the game's multiple endings. It is noted that these endings are not alternates but more of a next chapter. Currently, there are 26 recorded endings in the game, and they are coded based on the letters of the English Alphabet.

Based on the report, the five main endings named A, B, C, D and E are all part of the main plot. Meanwhile, the remaining F to Z are considered as joke endings as they are witty puns and are irrelevant to the game's main story. These endings can be acquired if a player fails or chose to abandon important battles.

The second on the list is the game's multiple playable characters. During the whole duration of the first playthrough, players will only use Combat Unit 2B as the playable character. However, 2B's Scanner buddy 9S and A2, the elusive YoRHa unit will be included in the next playthroughs. It is noted that both 9S and A2 have different move sets from 2B, which give players variation in playstyle among these three playable characters.

Lastly, NieR: Automata offers interesting sidequests to keep players busy if they chose to temporary detach themselves from the main story. The report says that NieR: Automata's quests have interesting dialogues rather than just being rewarding. Apparently, each of the side quests from the game does an excellent job presenting NieR: Automata's setting, albeit weird and humorous at times.

NieR: Automata is expected to arrive today on PlayStation 4. While PC and Xbox One will receive it on a later date.


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