'Criminal Minds' Season 12: Spencer Reid Spends 5 More Episodes Inside Jail; Reid Gets Ally To Survive In Prison

"Criminal Minds" season 12 continues to focus on Matthew Gray Gubler's Spencer Reid who might be seen behind the bars until the installment ends. In the teaser of the new episode of the crime drama, Reid might get into a brawl that he might not survive, but his new found ally will help him get out of trouble. Spoilers also reveal that the BAU genius will finally adjust to his life in prison as it will be the only way he will stay alive until he proves his innocence.

Spencer Reid is still behind the bars and might remain as a prisoner until episodes 21 or 22 as was recently teased. Reid is undoubtedly having a hard time figuring out how he can prove his innocence, and the same remains to be a big challenge to his BAU teammates. Previous reports reveal that Reid's luck might be seen working on future episodes, and it was also revealed that the character will be the center of the two-part finale episode of "Criminal Minds" season 12.

Meanwhile, the BAU will start to track evidence than can pin the Mexico murder to the true suspect and get Reid out of jail. JJ (A.J. Cook) promised Reid that she will not let Mr. Scratch get away with his crime. The team though might need to move faster as prisoners are targeting Reid as was teased in the new promo video of "Criminal Minds" season 12, episode 16.

Reid will, however, get an unlikely ally through Calvin Shaw, who is revealed to be a former FBI agent. Shaw saves Reid from two inmates and will walk the latter to the survival rules inside the prison. However, fans have doubt about Reid's new prison friend as he was incarcerated for killing his former informant as he was saving his fellow agents. Whether he could be trusted or not will be seen in the following episodes of the Spencer Reid arc of the crime series.

Meanwhile, the previous episode of "Criminal Minds," "Alpha Male," reportedly recorded a higher rating. However, it still appears that the number of viewers of the show continues to drop with almost a million followers lost from episode 14 to episode 15. This then worries fans as there were countless reports of the possibility that the show might no longer be renewed.

The firing of Thomas Gibson is obviously still taking a toll on the show, and the recent reports that even Spencer Reid will leave are already hurting the ratings of "Criminal Minds." However, confirmation about the show's future is still slow to come by as CBS is still tight-lipped about the future of its crime flick. "Criminal Minds" season 12, episode 16, "Assistance Is Futile," will air on Wednesday, March 15, at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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