Grab These 10 Paid iPhone Apps For Free Right Now

It's a new week, which means a fresh new list of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps that are normally paid but is free to download within a time limit. With that being said, here are the apps listed on BGR:


Normally, this app costs $4.99 but is now free. The Flow app presents mail as a continuous feed. It will allow the user to review and act on their mail without ever losing context. To add more fun, it also marks each mail as "read" when it is scrolled above mid-screen.

Dual Browser

This app normally costs $1.99. As you may have guessed from its name, the Dual Browser allows dual browsers in one display. This app has many features, but one feature that many would love about is its independent ability to display video on one of the dual browsers.


This app normally costs $2.99. The Stringly app eliminates all the complications of most note-taking apps while still remaining robust and powerful. It also allows users to add photos and mark down the rich text to words.

Recall In Watch

This app normally costs $0.99. The Recall in Watch is an app for Apple watches which allows the user to store phone numbers, ideas, notes and meeting details, and get a recall about it.

Water It

This app normally costs $2.99. The Water It app helps the user to determine the required amount of water during activities. It will also take into account the user's body size, urine color, amount of sweat, activity type, activity duration, weather, and temperature.

Pocket Document

This app normally costs $0.99. The Pocket Document is an app for text document creation and sharing, which allows the user to create text files and share them through Dropbox, Google Drive, Configured mail accounts and iCloud as well.

Lose Belly Fat

This app normally costs $0.99. The Lose Belly Fat app is voice prompted which enable the users to complete an entire workout without looking at a timer or device.

Quick Memes

This app normally costs $0.99. The Quick Memes is a meme generator app that easily and quickly creates simple memes. The images that will be used are either from the user's photo gallery of pre-loaded memes from the app library.


This app costs $0.99. For people who love word puzzles, the Wordid app is a four-letter word puzzle game that is a whole lot of fun.

VR Tank Shooter For Google Cardboard

This app costs $0.99. It is a first-person shooter game within a virtual reality immersive environment. In playing the game app, there will be no need of any button or NFC. Simply by just moving your head around and pointing your laser beam to a tank enemy, it will automatically shoot.

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