A New Bug Restricts iPhone's Messages App

Just a few weeks ago, there was an alleged 5-second video that went viral and had the potential to crash down iPhones. This time, there is a new bug that targets iPhones, but it is in a form of a text message.

What Is The Text Message Bug And What Does It Do?

If you are the receiver, the first thing you will notice when you open it in your iPhone messaging app is that the text message will look like in a form of a contact list. Then after a few seconds or so when viewing it on your messaging app, the screen will freeze and eventually just like any user will do, he/she will close the messaging app.

Now this is where the magic starts. The next time you view the messaging app of your iPhone, you will be stuck staring at a blank white screen and will not be able to do anything like viewing your messages, receiving messages, or even sending messages. Even if you try restarting your iPhone, it will not do any help. Instead, the text message bug can even cause your iPhone to freeze from time to time.

How To Fix It?

There is fix link provided for the victims of this text message bug. This is the link. You will just have to open the link and grant access for it to be opened on your messaging app. After doing so, you will see a message on you messaging app screen saying "I have just saved your iPhone, bro ;)" and it's fixed.

Can You Send It?

According to the source, you can send it (but of course, it is better if you don't, because it will only cause trouble for people). To send it, the sender must have an iCloud Drive app, because for some reason this is the only iPhone app that the text message bug has no effect on. If you already have the iCloud Drive app, open the text message bug (which can take a while because of its enormous size) through it and you can start sharing it.

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