For Honor News, Update: Developers Will Now Permanently Ban AFK Farmers

Weeks following the launching of For Honor, the community is now suffering from exploiters such as AFK Farmers that are destroying the game for the many. This exploit has become a trend due to the fact that the game favors those that have the "right gear" which basically makes the player's character a monstrosity in For Honor - rendering it virtually unkillable. For those players that are tired of facing against these monsters; they simply tend to "AFK Farm." But it's time to celebrate as the game's developers are now imposing severe punishments for these offenders.

One of the concurrent issues in For Honor is the surprising imbalance of characters that are equipped with "appropriate gears," which basically makes it hard for enemy players to kill them. For those that are tired of facing these geared players, they are likely to AFK Farm using a simple method of running around circles. This method can be done by tying a rubber band on their sticks in order to simulate movement. This is a prime example of a player explicitly AFK Farming.

Today, Ubisoft announced that the developers will now incorporate severe punishment for these players; stating that these actions affect the player experience of others; making the situation a top priority for them. According to their announcement, one of the sanctions will be permanently banning the account of the offender.

However, the severity of the punishment varies towards the degree and repetition of the offenses; meaning that a player will likely avoid a permanent suspension during its first offense. As of the time of this writing, Ubisoft has yet to disclose the basis for the degree of each sanctions, which varies from warning to permanent suspension of accounts.

It's worth noting that Ubisoft has already used this method in dealing with cheaters which had surfaced earlier this week. Check back for more For Honor News and Updates!

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