Nintendo Switch Controllers Compatible With Mac, Windows And Android

Nintendo Switch owners are having a heyday discovering different things that make the hybrid console interesting. Of course, the hardware is impressive despite reports of some connection issues. Also, there's the highly popular new Switch game in "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". More interestingly, though, is the discovery of a number of unexpected things that the Switch can do including having compatibility with Mac, Windows and Android hardware.

Nintendo Actu and software engineer Sam Williams were the first to discover that the Joy-Con controllers are compatible with devices that run on Android, macOS, and Windows through Bluetooth. Williams mentioned in a tweet that the Joy-Cons "easily double" as OSX Bluetooth controllers. Nintendo Actu, meanwhile, stressed that the controllers also work with Android via Bluetooth though lagging may occur depending on the mobile device used. Engadget noted that both Williams and Nintendo Actu confirmed that they only work as Bluetooth controllers if players use an app like JoyToKey that binds the buttons to the mouse and keyboard controls. Engadget also stressed that users may need to change the configurations for every game.

According to Redmond Pie, this isn't the first time that a controller by a particular brand or company can be paired with other devices. The Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock 4, for example, is playable with other gadgets through Bluetooth the same with the new Xbox One Controller and the Nintendo Wiimote.

The compatibility of the Joy-Cons with other devices is not the only surprising thing discovered with the Nintendo Switch. First, there was a report that the Switch can act like a power bank and actually be used to charge a 2016 MacBook Pro instead of the other way around. Then there was the secret message ("thnx2 allgamefans!") hidden in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Now the Joy-Con provides one more surprise with its ability to connect with Mac, Widows and Android devices.

Since the Joy-Con controllers were introduced, many have been impressed with the variety of actions and tasks that can be done with them. This new discovery will definitely pave the way for developers and other people who just like to tinker with electronic devices to find what else the Joy-Cons and the Nintendo Switch, in general, can do.

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