'Dance Moms' Finally Loses Abby Lee Miller? Dance Coach Fears Being Exposed In Maddie's New Memoir

Abby Lee Miller's social media posts are creating a frenzy among fans as it is now speculated that she has left "Dance Moms" for good. Her absences from two dance competitions that her students participated in just made the buzz more negative as people say she abandoned her group without any notice. Furthermore, her silence on Maddie Ziegler's new memoir sparked an unfounded rumor that she is afraid that her secrets will be revealed by her former protégé.

The public is seemingly feasting on Abby Lee Miller's life as countless speculations keep on surfacing to target her personal decisions. The latest reports about the dance coach and her Lifetime show claim that filming of the new seasons of "Dance Moms" is already underway, but Abby has been absent in most of the dance competitions.

The coach is said to have missed a back-to-back filming during the Fierce National Dance Competition on Feb. 25 in Panorama City and the Fierce NDC on March 4 in Fresno. It was also revealed that Abby was not able to assist her team in preparing for the said competitions but has been replaced by guest choreographer Laurieann Gibson. Also, Ashlee Allen previously shared a photo on Instagram with the ALDC dancers, but Abby was missing in action.

There were more social media posts from the dance moms in the previous months seemingly teasing Abby's departure. These came after the coach herself hinted on her flee revealing that the "Dance Moms" production has bypassed her when the team reportedly commenced a season 7B audition without Abby's knowledge.

Abby Lee Miller might have once again formed a wrong notion among fans when she recently posted a photo on her Instagram expressing her longing for her dancers. The reality star posted a photo of choreographer Gianna Martello with Kendall, Nia, and Kalani, seemingly hinting that she has left her dancers under the care of new coaches.

Fans were then quick to question her caption, asking how she could miss her dancers when "Dance Moms" is currently filming its new seasons. Of course, this has not been answered by the dance coach hence remains to be mere speculation. Also, Miller has assured her fans that she will return after her teary interview regarding her possible imprisonment.

In another set of rumor, Abby Lee Miller has reportedly refused to promote the new book of her inarguably favorite dancer, Maddie Ziegler. The memoir of Maddie is yet to be released this week and her former coach has been silent about it. This has been unusual of Abby since she has always promoted Maddie's previous projects on her social media accounts. A publication then speculated that Abby is keeping quiet since she fears to get her "dirty little secrets" exposed in Maddie's memoir.

"The Maddie Diaries" is reportedly a tell-all book about the 14-year-old's dance life and might touch some areas that might hurt Abby's career even more. As it is now a known fact, Abby Lee Miller's career has shot down when she started facing the lawsuits filed against her, and an additional exposé might as well finish her profession. However, this might be a bit far-fetched since avid fans know how much the coach favored Maddie during her "Dance Moms" years.

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