Amidst A Successful Launch, Some Nintendo Switch Owners Are Reporting Hardware Problems

The Nintendo Switch has just been released last week, and although it has been warmly received and has broken previous records of releases at Nintendo, the console is not exempted from problems and defects. Even before the release of the Nintendo Switch, people have already noticed some problems with the console and even more after the release.

What Happened

In an article by Kotaku, some owners of the Nintendo Switch have been reporting problems with the hyped console, which ranges from dead pixels to crashing and more. At this point in time the website also tried to reach Nintendo to get a grasp on the number of owners that are affected with these problems however, the company hasn't replied yet.

Details On The Defects

According to Forbes, a lot of owners of the Nintendo Switch are posting online the defects of their console. As a result the website has compiled a list of defects that usually plagues the console based on these posts.

The problems range from the much known left joycon connectivity issue, dead pixels, system crashes, overheating, bad WiFi range, the console freezes during play, unnecessary loud fan noise, the screen is flickering and that the screen easily gets scratched when taken out of the dock. Furthermore, there are other reports of problems affecting the device but don't affect the performance like adhesive skins are ruining the surface of the console, save game data is non-transferable and the location of the charging port.

Although the Nintendo Switch is just brand new and has just been released, naturally like all consoles, there are bound to be problems here and there. However, it is important to take note that if owners of the Nintendo Switch are experiencing any problems with the device, that it's better to return the console in exchange for a new one.

In related news, although the Nintendo Switch is breaking records for Nintendo and would be releasing a ton of new games, the company has still vowed that it wouldn't abandon any of its previous consoles. Specifically, it has even promised to continue producing more games for the Nintendo Switch's predecessor which is the Nintendo 3DS and could be read here.

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