‘Attack On Titan' Chapter 91 Spoilers: New Titan Shifter Revealed; Marley At War

The latest chapter of “Attack on Titan” is out and it has made a great revelation, progressing the story for new characters. It has finally put into light the present situation Marley. Aside from that, the new chapter featured a new titan, one of the original titan shifters.

New Titan Shifter Revealed: Galliard The Jaw Titan

Finally, another titan shifter has been introduced, giving answers to one of the unfolding mysteries of “Attack on Titan”, otherwise known as "Shingeki no Kyojin". The latest chapter of the said manga series revealed Galliard, a soldier of the Marley army and he possesses the Jaw Titan. The Jaw Titan is one of the titans claimed by the Marley government by putting it into subjects they deem worthy.

It is not yet certain what exactly the Jaw Titan can do but it is evident that he is quick and huge though he is not as powerful as the Colossal Titan. One of the Marley soldiers clearly mentioned that because of the anti-Titan tanks devised by the opposing army, they cannot unleash the Beast Titan nor the Armored Titan. Galliard though seems like a reasonable man, who decides only to turn into the Jaw Titan when he is certain that there will be no unnecessary casualties.

Marley At War Against Middle Eastern Union

In “Attack on Titan” Chapter 90, it was shown that it took the Survey Corps one year to restore Wall Maria after retaking it from the man-eating titans. In the earlier chapters as well, it was revealed that Marley was actually the twisted people behind the making of mindless titans by injecting engineered titan serum to prisoners. When Eren, Armin, and what’s left of the Survey Corps decided to go outside the wall and look for the place where Marley throws in their newly created titans, they reach and find the said wall by the ocean.

Meanwhile, Marley is clearly not as peaceful as it was shown in the early chapters. The timeline in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 91 is not yet fully determined but it says that Marley has been at war for four years, which made them postpone their plan to invade Paradis, the walled country of Eren and the Eldians that escaped. It was revealed that the war was instigated when Marley lost most of its power, which was the possession of the nine titans. With four of them being in the possession of Armin, Eren, and Annie (who is in captive in Paradis), Marley is struggling to win a war against normal human beings, who possess advanced technology that can fight off even the original Titans.

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