‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: Rules Of Tournament Of Power Revealed; Episode 82 Release Date Delayed

Finally, fans of Goku were relieved when he won over Bergamo in episode 81. However, "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers reveal the rules of the Tournament of Power that will confuse the gods. It seems that there are elements in these rules that the gods can't quite understand.

The High Priest Announces The Rules

"Dragon Ball Super" spoilers for the next episode indicate that the high priest Daishinkan will show a hologram of the arena for the Tournament of Power. It is called Munokai or the platform. The high priest will proceed to announce the first rule. A fighter needs to get his opponent out of the platform in order to win the match.

There Are Restrictions As Well

If his opponent loses consciousness, he still needs to get him out of the platform before he is declared the winner. "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers reveal that the high priest will announce the restrictions in the Tournament of Power. One of the restrictions is all fighters are prohibited from using weapons. The killing of opponents is also prohibited.

The Fight Will Last 48 Minutes

"Dragon Ball Super" spoilers for the next episode will show that the combatants are not allowed to use flying techniques outside the Munokai because of the consequences. If a fighter goes out of the platform, he loses the ability to fly and will be sucked into a void which will prevent him from coming back. The match will be given an earth time of 48 minutes.

It Will Be A Battle Against All

It seems that the Tournament of Power is a free-for-all fight. "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers reveal that this will be a battle against all since the 8 warriors of the 8 participating Universes will fight each other. In other words, the fighter who is left standing will win the competition and his universe will not be obliterated.

Episode 82 Will Be Delayed

Aside from these "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers, the producers regrettably announced that the airing of episode 82 will be delayed. It was originally scheduled on March 11, but due to some concerns, the show will be aired on March 18. The Title of this episode is "I'll Never Forgive You # Son Goku, Toppo, The Warrior Of Justice."

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