Get Rid Of Unhealthy Belly Fat Using Dr. Oz's Trick

Having belly fat is unhealthy and dangerous, says Dr. Mehmet Oz in an interview, but the good news is, there's an easy trick to get rid of it. You can remove those stomach fat even without going to the gym. The celebrity doctor reveals that sticking to a healthy diet, avoiding sweets and white carbs, can give you a flat, healthy belly.

Dr. Oz explains that this type of fat is a problem when a person’s waist measures (belly button to hips) more than half a person’s height. He describes it as the one behind stomach muscles which creeps around 40 and won’t go away. It’s also impossible to burn this fat at the gym, but making a change in the diet can make the difference.

Dr. Oz reveals that you can get rid of belly fat, even without too much exercise just by doing this trick. He recommends cutting out white foods such as white rice, sugar or flour. Instead, he advocates reaching for whole grains, nuts and avocados.

Other healthy food that can give you a flat stomach includes artichokes, watermelon, and miso or fermented soy beans. According to Dr Marilyn Glenville, author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar, wholemeal bread, instead of the white one, can also help trim your waistline. Wholemeal bread contains four times as much fiber, more than three times as much zinc and almost twice as much iron as white bread, the Daily Mail reports.

This kind of diet curbs the unhealthy belly fat as the carbohydrates in wholemeal are broken slowly over several hours, and do not suddenly flood sugars into the bloodstream. This gradual release helps you feel full for longer, suppresses appetite, and stops your craving for sweet foods. It's important to trim down body fat, especially the one located in the belly, the USA Today reports.

This fat is worse than other fat because it can cause a host of health problems, Dr. Oz explains. You can get high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart disease from it. Oz says so many people today carry too much fat in their belly, it's become a health "epidemic."

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