AJ Styles Goes Berserk Against Shane McMahon; Wrestlemania Match To Exceed Expectations

Arguably the biggest match in Smackdown Live this year, The Phenomenal AJ Styles going against The Viper, Randy Orton for a chance to the main event at Wrestlemania 33. AJ Styles lost and right now, nobody is safe from the former champion's rage.

AJ’s Path To Wrestlemania

When Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble, it was crystal clear that The Viper will again go to the main event at Wrestlemania. However, it didn’t pan out the first time as Orton pledge his loyalty to the current WWE Heavyweight Champion, Bray Wyatt. General Manager Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahon had no choice but to create another match to determine Bray Wyatt’s opponent. AJ Styles won in a controversial manner but The Phenomenal proved it again when he beat Luke Harper twice for the past two weeks.

AJ Styles Clashed With Shane McMahon

AJ Styles did everything he could to get into the top and it seems that the former WWE Heavyweight Champion is destined for the main event spot at Wrestlemania 33. Then, Randy Orton flipped the script. The Viper betrayed The Master and their match at Wrestlemania is back on. AJ Styles informed Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon that the spot is already secured. However, the General Manager and Commissioner of Smackdown Live had other plans. AJ Styles went to battle with Randy Orton which is now one of the best matches in Smackdown Live history.

The Phenomenal One Will Bring Hell To The Authority

The Phenomenal lost the match and clearly, he’s devastated. AJ Styles went back to the “creative room” then started shouting at Shane McMahon. AJ Styles keep reiterating that Shane McMahon doesn’t know what opportunity is all about and McMahon ruined his main event hopes for Wrestlemania. Shane McMahon tried to explain but AJ Styles shoved the Commissioner out of the way. The Road Dogg and Michael Hayes ushered AJ Styles back to the curtains and advice other personnel in the creative team to follow and help him calm down.

Regardless what will happen next week on Smackdown Live, the WWE Universe will be seeing a great match between these two daredevils in the ring. As for the Wrestlemania 33 main event, it will be a one on one match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton.

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