Matt Hardy Tweets About Deleting The Tag Team Division, Karl Anderson Replies

The Tag Team Division in professional wrestling is better than ever. Fans have seen every champion from different promotions but there are two teams that stand out. The wrestlers involved are Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson of WWE and Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero of ROH.

Broken Matt Hardy And Brother Nero Is The Hottest Team In The Indies

When Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero left Total Nonstop Action(TNA), there were speculations that the brothers are heading home to WWE. Sources state that Matt and Jeff are in talks with the biggest wrestling promotion in history and the plans are going smoothly. However, the brothers from North Carolina shocked the world when Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero made an appearance to Ring Of Honor. Apparently, even the commentator on ROH didn’t know that the soon to be Hall Of Famers are coming except for The Hardys, The Young Bucks and the head of the management.

The enigmatic team of Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero are the hottest free agent for a couple of weeks. The Hardys have been calling out numerous tag teams from a different promotion. Broken Matt Hardy even start tweeting them personally and informing them that their team will be “deleting” the tag team division.

It is no secret why the brothers stayed long in the business. The brothers started wrestling professionally since 18 years old. Their mic skills are considered mediocre but right now, Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero are two of the best when it comes t o cutting some promos.

Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson Are Still The Tag Team Champions

On the other hand, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are no pushovers. The former bullet club members have been traveling around the world to wrestle and anywhere they go, both are extremely successful. Last night during the Fastlane PPV, the current RAW Tag Team Champions showed why they are a lethal combination.

Both Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson seems to have control of the match regardless of what is happening. Anderson and Gallows' demeanor is second to none and that is why they are the champs. Also, Karl Anderson replied to Broken Matt Hardy about his tweet and the fans might be expecting a future clash between these two teams.

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