Android Auto And Google Allo Now Works Together Seamlessly

By Justin Lee , Mar 09, 2017 04:01 AM EST

Google Allo and Android Auto may not be the most mainstream technologies of 2017. However, this doesn't stop Google from innovating the two, and ultimately, integrating them. Google Allo does have a hard time competing in the market considering the popularity of its direct rivals. Nevertheless, with the Android Auto technology still being fairly young and having few competitors, Google might be able to use it to increase Allo's user base.

As of recent reports, the messenger app now works smoothly with the auto app. Note that these two have already been made compatible with each other for some time. The only problem is that Google Allo and Android Auto don't seem to work seamlessly together, making it quite annoying for users.

According to Android Central, previous Allo and Auto integration only show users their notifications for a few seconds. The notification will then disappear so as to avoid users from checking them while driving. There's no voice command either and users can't compose an Allo message while on the freeway as well.

Luckily, these problems have already been addressed. The Google Allo app in Android Auto now adds in hands-free functionalities. This means that on top of getting Allo notifications on Android Auto, users can now send messages through dictation.

Phandroid's Derek Ross pointed the new update via Twitter. The new interface is seen in the uploaded photo and it shows some of the options that Allo users have in Auto. The call button can be seen beside a recent contact alongside the option to hear a message out loud. There' is also an option to send out a template message or pre-written reply.

On top of being able to send dictations, Google Allo on Android Auto brings in animated emojis. As per Droid Life, This feature will "bring emojis to life". Users just need to hold the send button and slide up to enable the feature. On top of Android Auto support, the new Google Allo update also brings in minor bug fixes to improve the messenger's performance.

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