Tinder Launches "Select" For Celebs And Beautiful People Only

If you think that Tinder is an online space for people from all walks of life to gather around and interact, think again, because it's far from the actual truth.

According to reports, Tinder has this select section or group called "Select" where only the people that are considered as attractive, famous and rich can join - basically a VIP-only group. It's not really sure as to when this feature was launched, but reports are saying that it has been operating about 6 months now. In order to join the group, it is unclear as to how Tinder decides who gets an invitation and not, but is it speculated that it is based on a person's "Elo score" - the desirable ranking of each user.

However, if you do so get an invitation, an article at News Hub mentioned that the person being invited will receive a text message with a link to launch their profile. After launching, that person will now have access to nominate another "normal" Tinder user to be brought up to the high ranks, but those nominated are unable to bring anybody else with them.

Jobs That Receive The Most Right-Swipes For Men And Women

What if the speculation that Tinder sends out invitation to people based on their Elo score is true? Well, here are a list of jobs that receive the most right-swipes for both genders:

For men, lawyer, actor, creative director, flight attendant, journalist, Entrepreneur/CEO, architect, personal trainer, teacher, doctor, photographer, registered nurse, model and chef are on the top 15 list. As for women, teacher, dentist, speech pathologist, interior design, event planner, lawyer, real estate agent, personal trainer, registered nurse, journalist, recruiter, musician, psychologist, model and flight attendant are the jobs that receives the most right-swipes.

Other Elite Groups Similar To "Tinder Select"

First, there is Raya, an under-the-radar secret dating app for famous people. There is also The League that accepts ambitious young professionals based on their educational and professional achievements. And lastly, there is Bumble's VIBee app experience where only the "good members of the community" are allowed.

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