No Man's Sky News: Updated Photo Mode Highlights In-Game Photography

Recently, Hello Games released an update that improved No Man's Sky a lot. It also includes the amazing Photo Mode, where players can take pictures anywhere and share it with friends. The Photo Mode in the latest update of the game offers many interesting features. With this latest addition to the game, fans can expect that No Man's Sky will improve a lot in the coming years.

In the new Photo Mode in No Man's Sky, players can easily capture anything around them. They can also move while taking a picture in the game, making if very convenient. Players can also change the in-game weather in order to capture much better sceneries. Fans also got amazed on the filter options of the Photo Mode, which is very unusual in today's games.

Hello Games might also reward the player that has the best picture. However, the details of the rewards are still unknown, though it is believed to be some valuable resources. Due to this, fans can expect that most players will now focus on taking great pictures in the game. It will not be that hard to take some amazing pictures in No Man's Sky , as the game is known to have a lot of beautiful sceneries, as well as creatures and plants.

Hello Games improved a lot of things in the latest 1.2 update of the game. Players can now build and modify a Spaceship much better. The company also made the game much difficult as they implemented the Permanent Death system in No Man's Sky, where players will lose all of their collected items no matter how long they lived. Due to this, players should be very careful in their surroundings, especially when in front of an unknown creature. No Man's Sky can be played in PC and PS4.

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