No Man's Sky Is Dead: Sean Murray & Hello Games' Absence Confirms It

Prior to its release, No Man's Sky created what appears to be the perfect hype. Players from around the world were so stoked with the title, believing it'll break records after records. True enough, Hello Games' flagship game is a one of a kind. The application of procedural generation in a massive landscape is an interesting feat alone. Unfortunately, the higher the expectations were set, the riskier things became. Believed to be a product of false advertisement, NMS went down as one of the biggest frustrations in the history of gaming. And now, Sean Murray and his team are nowhere to be found.

When No Man's Sky was first released, it managed to become one of the bestselling titles in Sony's PlayStation system. It seems as if gamers were just all wowed with the greatness that is NMS. However, as the day passes by, the appreciation gradually became a disappointment.

From social media sites to online reviews, No Man's Sky started garnering hates after hates. Most if not all fans believe that Hello Games -- Sean Murray (the creator) in particular -- tricked them. Promised features weren't there, while the supposed thrill was nothing but a misconception. And now, out of all these mishaps the title has acquired, Murray is nowhere to be found.

Sure, during the first release of No Man's Sky, Murray was right there and then. It's as if he's in every corner of the Internet realm, giving out updates and following-up player concerns. Fast forward to today, his Twitter account is like dead meat. His last tweet? Well, that was back in August 18.

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