‘Attack On Titan’ Spoilers: Latest Chapter Skips Three Years Forward Leaving Some Characters Behind

The 'Attack on Titan' spoilers for the latest chapter reveal that time has skipped three years forward after the ending of chapter 90. This would mean a lot of adjustments have been made in the story, as well as its characters. Avid fans of the manga series need to consider this as they read the latest chapter.

The Story Will Feature The Elite Eldian Soldiers

In effect, the current story, as revealed by some "Attack on Titan" spoilers, will not revolve around the Survey Corps in Paradis Island. The upcoming chapter will now feature the elite Eldian soldiers who are serving under the Marley government. For the meantime, some of the original characters of the previous chapter will not be featured in the next chapters.

Erin Has Only Four More Years To Live

Another consequence, as revealed by some "Attack on Titan" spoilers, is the lifespan of the shifters in chapter 90 will be reduced. Some discussions in Reddit indicated that Erin has only four more years to live.

The Anime Version Will Still Have The Original Characters

Although there will be new characters added to the manga, some "Attack on Titan" spoilers reveal that familiar faces will still be seen in the anime version. The new season of the anime was given a two-page spread in Revo to hype season 2. These pages featured Bertolt and Reiner. Another image showed an older-looking Krista.

New Characters Will Be Added To The Manga

The recent "Attack on Titan" spoilers reveal the new characters will be added to the next chapters. One of these new characters is Frock. There is a speculation that Reinier might also be included, although, this is still uncertain. It also appears that the Marleys will make war with other groups or countries. Rumors say that this could refer to the "Middle East Union Military."

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