Needle-less Vaccines: A Novel Drug Delivery System

A new needle-less way to inoculate drugs into the bloodstream has been developed.

The age of technology and development has bought mankind a number of 'gifts'. From minimally-invasive surgeries to tiny cameras that take pictures inside the human body, it's all set to help man and make lives more easier.

The introduction of a needle-free method of inoculation, however, is set to break all the records of medical developments.

Scientists at IISc, Bangalore have now come up with a new method of drug delivery that is needle-less, which may prove to be a boon to mankind, given that a good percent of people today fear injections.

These scientists have constructed a pen-shaped needle-less drug delivery system that makes use of supersonic shock waves to deliver the drug into the bloodstream, without any 'blood-spill' or pain for that matter.

To investigate the proper functioning of this new device, the scientists vaccinated mice for typhoid successfully in the laboratory.

Furthermore, this method of drug delivery has shown that a lesser quantity of vaccine is enough to stimulate a response and provide resistance, at least in animal studies. Being painless, portable, safe, economical and safely disposable, this new system of drug delivery is truly commendable.

This new development was based on the collaborative work between the Laboratory for Hypersonic and Shock waves, Department of Aerospace Engineering, and the Microbiology and Cell Biology Department of the Indian Institute of Science.

It will still be a number of years before the technology is able to change the way injections are delivered.

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