'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Spoilers: Jessica And Luke Cage Set To Meet; Kilgrave To Appear On Flashbacks

"Jessica Jones" season 2 is still far from its known premiere, but countless theories and supposed spoilers are already coming out to brief the fans. The Netflix heroine series is said to cross paths with Luke Cage, and their romance will start to blossom in the next installment. Kilgrave, on the other hand, will reappear in season 2 and Jessica will receive retribution in a way that she did not expect.

There is no definitive date yet on the return of "Jessica Jones", but talks are persistent that season 2 will kick off sometime next year. There is a previous report saying that the installment is set back to give way to "The Defenders." Despite the long wait for "Jessica Jones" season 2 premiere, fans are already getting countless updates about the Marvel titular character.

A speculation suggest that season 2 will reward Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) with romance. Fans of Marvel heroes know very well that when it comes to Jessica's love life, Luke Cage is someone closest to her. Theories suggest that Luke (Mike Colter) will crossover to "Jessica Jones" to rekindle the love that they have already started in season 1.

The romance between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage has been cut-short in the later part of the series. It can be recalled that Jessica confessed to Luke that she led his wife to her demise. The duo then reconciled when Luke realized how it is like to be under Kilgrave's power. With the couple taking some time-off, fans now believe that it is time for them to portray their love written on Marvel comic books.

As for Kilgrave, rumors are rife that the villain will reappear in "Jessica Jones" season 2. After Jessica murdered her longtime enemy in season 1, spoilers say that Kilgrave will appear only on flashbacks, but Jessica will have to face the consequences of the crime, which will make her suffer in ways she did not imagine. Her conscience is reportedly going to be at work, which will give her an emotional baggage in season 2.

Netflix is still mum about the release of "Jessica Jones season 2." However, there are a lot of rumors that the series might premiere early next year after "The Defenders" finishes towards the end of 2017.

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